“Knowledge is learning something new every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.”

– Zen proverb

If that doesn’t describe motherhood, I don’t know what does! Motherhood is such an amazing journey where you kind of have to find yourself again, all while taking care of a beautiful baby who is completely dependent upon you.

Every journey is completely unique, but it changes your life completely. You go through this shocking transformation as if you were thrown in at the deep end.

You learn what it’s like to be completely selfless, how to adapt to constant change, how to find yourself again, and how to take care of this tiny human who, as my mother liked to say, didn’t come with instructions.

Literally the hardest job you’ll ever have and…. no instructions! But the beauty of that is… you get to decide how you want to raise your child. With an infinite number of decisions to make over the years, this is both a blessing and a curse!

But I know that you can do it, and that you’ll do an amazing job.

My journey got off to a pretty rough start. There were times that I thought that I wouldn’t survive, and times that I didn’t want to. Thankfully, I was wrong and I made it to the other side.

I originally started my blog for different reasons, but I am in the middle of revamping it. It is going to focus on how to be a more zen mama, baby products (because seriously… there are way too many choices available), life from your baby’s perspective (this helped me so much with my patience) and new recipes that I am trying.

I wish you inner peace, joy, and confidence!