How to Relieve Your Baby’s Cold

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I had such a hard time when my baby got her first cold. It made me really sad because she didn’t understand why she wasn’t feeling well.

She couldn’t blow her nose or tell me what she needed. It had to have been so frustrating for her. I had to figure out how to relieve my baby’s cold.

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How to Relieve Your Baby's Cold

Step 1: I used saline spray and a snot sucker to get rid of mucus.

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Keeping her nose clear so she could breathe more easily was one of my biggest concerns. I always used Little Remedies saline spray first to loosen mucus in her nose, which made it easier to suck the mucus out with a NoseFrida snot sucker.

I think that it is very important to use saline spray because it allows you to suck more gently and still get all of the mucus out of your baby’s nose. Using these two items was one of my favorite ways to relieve my baby’s cold.

It is EXTREMELY important to be gentle when using a snot sucker on your baby. If you suck too hard, you can really hurt your baby.

You can potentially irritate the skin inside of her nose, and you can even potentially rupture her eardrums. You also may want to limit the number of times that you use the snot sucker each day.

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Step 2: my husband took a steamy, hot shower while I sat in the bathroom with our baby.

I had talked to a friend about getting a cool-mist humidifier to help my baby get through a cold, but my friend told me that hers was expensive and didn’t work very well.

I decided not to get one and, instead, held my baby in the bathroom while my husband took a steamy, hot shower. We probably sat in there for around 10-15 minutes, and I believe it helped to ease her coughing and congestion.

Step 3: cough syrup helped soothe my baby’s coughs.

I used Zarbee’s Natural baby cough syrup to help her with her coughing, and to provide throat relief.

Step 4: Chest rub helped my baby to sleep.

I would rub Maty’s baby chest rub on my baby’s chest under her onesie right before bed to help soothe her congestion while she slept.

This helped her to sleep better at night, although she would occasionally wake up coughing before putting herself back to sleep. You can use this chest rub anytime during the day, I just chose to mainly use it for bedtime.

step 5: i used boogie wipes when she had a runny nose

Thank you to whoever invented Boogie Wipes! Seriously, they are such a lifesaver. Babies have such delicate skin, and these wipes that are soaked in saline, aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E are perfect for wiping noses without causing irritation.

Well, irritation of the skin anyway. I swear nothing irritates a baby more than when you wipe her nose. When her nose was runny, the boogie wipes would usually help me to clear snot out of her nose without having to use the snot sucker.

Step 6: elevate your baby’s head

Laying down flat can worsen congestion. When your baby is awake during the day, you could try making sure she is slightly elevated when you aren’t holding her.

I used the Boppy Newborn Lounger when I needed to set her down because it allowed her to lay down while also elevating her head.

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What do you do to relieve your baby’s cold? Please share in the comments below!

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