Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

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I’ve always felt that women were easier to shop for. I guess that’s why it feels like it’s harder to come up with creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men!

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Gifts were something I started to put a lot more thought into when I started dating my husband. We dated long distance for over a year so, even though gifts aren’t my strongest love language, they became a lot more important to me.

We didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, so gifts became a way of showing how much I cared about him. I’m not a huge DIYer when it comes to gifts, so I was really just going for personal and meaningful.

I wrote down all of the things that he loved as a starting point. I used that list to come up with personal and creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that he wouldn’t expect. And from all of his reactions, I’d say I was successful!

10 Creative Valentine's Day Gift ideas for him

1. Pizza Socks

I came up with this idea because my husband loves pizza and he loves wearing fun socks. He said that some of the guys at work would sometimes have contests as to who was wearing the best socks.

When he asked for hints on what I had gotten him, I told him it was a combination of his two favorite things. He LOVED this gift, and he actually wore them on our wedding day!

Pizza may not be the thing for your significant other, but there are a lot of other options to choose from. I’ve purchased Hot Sox for my brothers and dad, as well. They have beer, bacon and eggs, animals… SO many choices. I just saw a couple of new ones I’m going to get for my husband… donuts and hot sauce!

2. Mason Jar with Kisses

I filled a Mason jar with an assortment of Hershey’s kisses, and put a chalkboard label on it. The label said, “Kisses for you when I’m not around.” For all of you who are not long distance, you could say something like, “Lots of kisses for you.”

Or if your significant other isn’t a huge chocolate fan, there are a ton of directions you could take this with all kinds of candy. For example, you could fill the jar with starburst and say, “Bursting with love for you.”

3. Personalized m&Ms

These are really fun gifts! There are many packaging options, including an occasion bottle that looks like a champagne bottle, a heart-shaped box, and acrylic letters that spell out the word “love”.

You can personalize the m&m’s by choosing up to three colors and four customizations. The customizations can include a mix of text, clipart, and an image.

Right now, you can make purchases off for 25% off sitewide!

4. Hershey’s Valentine’s Day gifts

Hershey’s has some fun Valentine’s Day DIY ideas that include DIY Chocolate Spa and a Valentine’s Day gift box.

There are also lots of fun Valentine’s Day candy to choose from, like the 5 oz Reese’s Heart that I got my husband last year.

5. Fun Books

My husband LOVES cars, so I started searching on Amazon for books about cars. I found a book where the reviews looked great, and one woman called it a “Valentine’s success.” Just what I was looking for!

This book includes Top Gear’s history of cars and pictures. It has 500 of the greatest, most important cars ever made. My husband loved it, and he said there were cars in the book that he had never even heard of.

This was one of my favorite creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him because he said it was one of the best presents anyone had ever gotten him!

He had also expressed interest in doing more reading, so I decided to try to find a fiction novel for him. I knew he loved cars, racing, and dogs, so this is what I got him! He really enjoyed the book, and then made me watch the movie when it came out.

If your significant other is looking to read more fiction, you can try what I did. Search for a book neither of you has heard of that has elements of things he likes in it.

My husband is really into woodworking, so I searched Amazon for the book that I thought he would like the most. It had a lot of positive reviews, and I liked the fact that it was for beginners and experts.

6. car charm

If your significant other spends a lot of time in his car, then you may want to get him a car charm! Driving could be his job, he could have a long commute, or maybe has a long road trip coming up.

My husband moved across the country to be with me, and I wasn’t with him for the first half of his trip. So I got him this car charm. I chose this one in particular because he is Irish and I liked what it said. “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

This particular one may not appeal to you, but Amazon has many other car charms available.

7. Beer products

My husband’s favorite beer is Guinness. Therefore, I decided to get him some Guinness products that I thought he would enjoy. He loves to cook, so I got him a Guinness oven glove along with some Guinness Pint glasses.

If your significant other likes beer, but isn’t a fan of Guinness, there are tons of other choices on Amazon: Miller Lite, Budweiser, Corona, Blue Moon, Rolling Rock, Yuengling, etc.

8. Sports-related products

My husband loves the Denver Broncos, so I got him some Denver Broncos pens. Your significant other may not be a fan, but this seller on Amazon sells many officially licensed NFL products for many teams. This includes products like pens, lanyards, and flasks.

9. Hand Therapy Stress ball

My husband was experiencing a lot of stress at work, so I searched on Amazon for a hand therapy stress ball. It had a lot of very positive reviews, so this was the one I went with. He said that he kept it in his desk, and used it all the time.

10. Create a basket with a theme

This is fun and easy to do. All you have to do is pick something your significant other likes, and fill a basket with related items. For example, we both love movies. I created a movie basket with some of our favorite movies, popcorn, and AMC gift cards.

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