Best Infant Car Seat and Stroller

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I spent a lot of time looking for the “best” infant car seat and stroller when I was pregnant. Best is in quotation marks because it was the best in my opinion. In regards to safety, all car seats in the United States are required to meet federal safety standards.

I did a lot of research on infant carriers and strollers, and I went to stores to test them out. After all of that, I found the Nuna Pipa Lite and Tavo to be the best infant car seat and stroller available.

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I purchased the Nuna Pipa Lite LX car seat, and I absolutely love it! Here are the reasons why:

  • It is one of the LIGHTEST infant carriers available, weighing in at 5.7 lbs. It is made with aerospace-grade aluminum and featherweight fabric. Most other carriers are anywhere from 7.5-16 lbs. This may not seem like a lot, but when you add a growing baby, it can get heavy pretty quickly.
  • It has an ergonomic carry handle with a leather grip, which makes it so much easier to carry. I went to Buy Buy Baby to test out different car seats and strollers, and I was not a fan of the handles that were all plastic. They were harder to grip and hurt my hand. And that’s without a baby!
  • The buttons to adjust the handle are on the BASE of each side of the handle. I tried out lots of infant carriers with the button to adjust the handle in the MIDDLE. This sucked because that’s where most people pick the carrier up… in the middle of the handle.
  • It has a dream drape UPF 50+ canopy to shield your baby from the sun and rain, and has a flip-out eyeshade. You can zip out the extension for extra protection. Therefore, you don’t have to buy a milk snob cover or anything like that.
  • It exceeds American safety standards for infant car seats. It has a resilient, shock-absorbing frame made of Aeroflex foam and fused plastic. This car seat has side-impact protection, and is airline-certified for use with the base.
  • It is made of naturally flame-retardant fabric instead of being chemically treated for fire resistance. It has an infant insert that provides extra comfort for your newborn, and can easily remove when your baby gets bigger. I removed mine when my baby was around 2-3 months old.
  • It has easy-release buttons on the base, making it easy to transfer the carrier to and from your car. You are going to be doing this a lot, so the easier the better.
Best infant car seat and stroller in 2020


The Nuna Pipa Lite LX car seat is compatible with multiple strollers. I chose to purchase the Nuna TAVO stroller, which I love. The Pipa Lite fits easily into the stroller. Once my baby outgrows the infant carrier, I will still be able to use the stroller as it can accommodate babies up to 50 lbs.

The stroller is very easy to maneuver. It is also very easy to open and collapse with just one button, which was very important to me. I tried opening and collapsing multiple strollers at a store, and the Nuna TAVO stroller was by far the easiest.

Another feature I like is that you can easily adjust the handle using levers on the side. This works well for my husband and I since we typically switch who is pushing the stroller multiple times throughout a walk.

We both prefer the handle to be at a different height while we are pushing, which makes sense because he is 6 inches taller than me. It’s nice to be able to easily do a quick adjustment while we are walking.

It has a large storage basket with a hidden zipper compartment, which gives me plenty of room to store my portable diaper changing station, bottles, pacifiers, and anything else I like to have with me on walks.

I also like the way the stroller looks, which is just an added bonus. The only thing that I don’t love is that the stroller doesn’t have a cup holder. Luckily, I have a thermos that I LOVE with a handle that easily hooks onto the stroller.

What car seat and stroller do you love? Please share in the comments below!

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